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I am currently training to become a registered nurse within the US and I am looking for a job that can compliment this. I have worked in the medical field since 2005 and have worked my way through various roles to ensure I can provide the best care to my patients. During the course of my employment I have completed various courses that have increased my awareness of varying medical conditions, the effects on the human body and the current clinical practice for treatment. My drive to learn also led me working at a GP surgery working alongside competent nurse and general practitioners dealing with minor injuries or illnesses, including long standing health conditions. From the development and expansion of new and existing skills I still desired to learn and develop further which led me to my most recent employment as an urgent care practitioner, within the emergency and urgent care departments. The skills I have developed since starting are highly transferable to the field of medicine as my pre- existing knowledge in ambulatory, emergency and general medical care has allowed me to encounter a wide diversity of people from various ethnic origins, often in heightened emotional states. These encounters have helped me to develop a calm, professional approach to most situations and allowed a logical and analytical thought process to be used in decision making which should prove invaluable when delivering patient care. I have also developed fantastic organisational and time- management skills evident through my ability to complete degree whilst working full- time and providing a loving, stable environment for my son. Essentially, I have gained a realistic appreciation to the challenges, both physical and emotional, involved in working in the medical sector. I believe these experiences have given me the motivation and commitment required to enable me to succeed in the ever evolving world of medicine.