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I became a caregiver because I have a big heart when it come to People. And what I like most about being a caregiver is: Making a difference in someone life. The smile on their faces Is so over whelming and makes me feel I have done my job right. I have always enjoyed helping others so I know I am doing the right thing. What I'm most proud of achieving is : What I have learned over the last 15 years as a caregiver has been lots and lots of hands on training, Starting out as my parents caregiver and other family members, as a young adult. I have learned some interesting things and it has just stuck with me, I guess one of the hardest things in health care is working with hospice especially when it is a family member. Lost my sister to Cancer a few years ago. Nothing is easy when it comes to cancer, but my sister was comfortable knowing I was there with her til the end. A little about me: When I was a little girl my mother worked in a nursing home same place for 16yrs, everyday after school I went to my mother work, Oh I thought I was a big shot, she would let me do little things for her patients and they just fell in love with me. And to see all those people with big smiles on their faces just made my day.. But the best part of it was when my mother always told me, your good with people and your here on earth for a good purpose. and I now know exactly what she meant.!! I moved From Texas to here in Phoenix Az, I development Breast cancer 2014 and wasn't able to work due to being so Fatigue from all the Chemo and the last 6-weeks of Radiation, As I got stronger I merge slowly back to working, I am proud of the woman I have become today and all I have achieved in my life time.