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My dedication to excellence makes me a great caregiver! As a skilled Licensed Practical Nurse with more than 14 years of experience, both clients and co-workers would best describe me as an LPN dedicated beyond normal expectations; with a kind reflective nature and strong moral character. I became a care giver because caring for others was a natural inclination for me. My Mother first noticed my gift of caring for others when I cared for her following a surgical procedure. After cleaning, cooking, and picking up medications she called me a natural little "Florence Nightengale." As a Christian caring for others was not only my gift it was also my passion! I find myself blessed to be able to align my passion with my gift and it result in my life work! A personal achievement I am most proud of occurred when I was working at an Alzheimer's care facility. My assignment included a unit consisting of mostly bed ridden and wheel chair confined clients. Due to the decreased level of physical movement and activity most of the clients suffered from pressure ulcers, skin tears and wounds as a result of decreased circulation. This particular unit when assessed was never given above a C- grade within the excellence in level of care scoring system. Within a 3 month time period beneath my charge this same unit received an A+ pinning within the excellence in level of care scoring system. I am most proud to be a Nurse when both my client(s) and their families are safe, well cared for and happy with my care delivery!

Skills & Certifications: Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

I've worked as an LPN for 35 years. My experience includes working with children, teens & adults in a hospital, home care, psychiatric & office settings. I love nursing & I love helping people. But, as I age, I want to cut back in hours & limit my lifting abilities. I'm looking for daytime hours during the week, but not to exceed 16-20 hrs/wk. I'm a foster parent to a teenage boy who is participates in after school & church activities & I want to support his interests and supervise him as needed. While I still intend to keep my nursing license current, I would enjoy keeping company of others who need a little helping hand, yet may offer insight or words of wisdom! I'm a true Libra: I'm artistic & creative, intuitive, patient, caring, knowledgable, love helping others & volunteering, seek balance in everything I like & do, am meticulous in keeping details/being & helping others be organized and enjoy time spent with others. I'm a writer; I love to write poetry and desire to write some books "some day". I like to cook, garden, play with my cats & dog, surf the NET, visit thrift stores & yard sales, make gifts to give to friends & family, cook for friends & play cards or just talk....really just about anything. And I love learning. I read alot & I love to hear other's stories about their life's journeys! I would love to hear YOURS! My time spent volunteering is my most precious achievments. One I cherish the most is that I was "matched" to a 12 yr. old g

Skills & Certifications: LPN

I have been working as a Home Health Aide for 12 years; born and raised in Dayton,Ohio. In 2005 I had the opportunity to move to Naples, Florida to assist an elderly couple whom I had been helping in Oakwood. They had decided to remain in Naples year-round. After I was no longer needed by them I remained in the area helping others. I am back in Ohio ,again, to be nearer to family and friends. I have experience with many kinds of illnesses including Parkinson's and Alzheimers or dementia; am very caring, patient, a great cook, happy personality and I smile and laugh alot and get my clients to smile a lot, too - humor helps us feel better; I love to please and have very sincere empathy for the aging population; exper.with all homemaking and personal care; clients always love my cooking; can adjust to any environment; recently, I hired the caregivers for a home health agency in Florida. Wanted to move back to home town to be near family. Would accept $17 per hour pay rate plus gas reimbursement for the use of my car. Other rates possibly negotiable depending upon total guaranteed hours. Can also assist with mobility; exercising; hair care, nail care, other grooming for men or women, transportation, home management, cleaning, mending, cooking, ironing, secretarial, paying bills, help with understanding their medical bills/insurance claims,shopping, and pet care. I AM AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY...

Skills & Certifications: Home Health Aide Certificate