Anna R.

$12.00 / hr

Why? Because I care, and am blessed to be able to. Here's how it happened: I became a caregiver first when Mom was sick. Moved in with her and Dad for 3 months. (We live in same town.) Moved Dad to our house. That was 10+ years ago. I continue to be the full time caregiver, with an aide who comes several times a week to help with bathing. Yes, I sometimes get pretty stressed, but I'm just thankful I am able to do this for them. I hope the time will never come that I'll have to resort to putting them in a nursing home. No, my husband and I do not get much help from siblings. If it was up them the parents would have gone to a nursing home long time ago. Praise the Lord, He has givin me strength to make a difference here! Dad probably won't be around much longer, but I'm so thankful I can be here for him Being a caregiver for 7 years has helped me in so many ways, I have worked in Hospitals, Nursing home Facilities, Private Duty, etc. I love what I do in helping each client I've ever worked with. Taking care of sick people that needs my help gives me joy in my heart and it let me know they need people to work with them that care. I have been through many hardships during this recession. I have lost my job, my home, and I still somehow kept my family together. I work many low paying jobs to keep a roof over my childs head and food in her mouth. I did this by hardwork and not negotiating my values. I call that an accomplishment. I mingle with people very easily an ... more