Kimberly W.

$16.00 / hr

I became a caregiver because I love to help people that can no longer help themselves. That is just so rewarding in itself to give somebody hope and see a smile on their face that they have so much more living to do and that life is not over. I like being a caregiver is/ companion to lack them know that they always have a friend around and something that they can depend on when life gets a little tough. a personal achievement that I'm proud of is that when my mom suffer leukemia from 1984 to 2008 I was there for her being her caregiver and companion 24 hours a day. let me tell you a little about myself I have one sister and one brother my father is still alive thank you Jesus. I am married and my husband served in the Army as a staff sergeant who is currently deployed in Afghanistan I have 3 children of my self Ages 20, 11 & 8. I attend church every Sunday at Escondido Christian Center where I sing soprano in my church choir. please consider me as you look through these caregivers. I'm sure we all have different potential to care for your mother, father ,brother, sister, son, daughter or grandparents so let me justsay by closing with us not only do I do care giving as a job once I get to know these people they immediately become family to me and I love them with all my heart I have been doing caregiving for 20 plus years ... more