Deborah H.

$20.00 / hr

I became a caregiver to the Getiatrics as my specialty of DEMENTIA/ALZHEIMERS due to the lack of care I see Geriatrics receive. These people deserve the best care in my eyes because they worked so hard and once they are older, they are forgotten. I found this disturbing so I dedicated my life to them. I have got one patient off Hospise and another off twice. Only 3% usually get off so I worked hard with them and brought life and the will to live back to them. I am a very compassionate and self motivated Nurse and I give my all to each patient. I bond easily and it's not a job to me it's the most r ewarding thing to me I could do. To see smiles, accomplishments and life given back is the greatest achievement I could get. I love what I do and I know I have no regrets in my decision. ... more