Holly M.

$18.00 / hr

My name is Holly and I have been Registered Professional In-Home Healthcare Provider for 20 Years! Mainly focusing on Geriatrics, Mobility Issues, Alzheimer's, Sundowner Syndrome, Dementia, Senility, Cardiomyopathy, CHF, Atrial Fibrillation, Tachycardia, Cardiac Implants, Heart Attack Recovery, Renal Failure, Dialysis, Stroke, High and Low Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cancer, Respiratory Diseases, Fall Risks, Respite Care, Palliative Care and End of Life Care. I pride myself on being a hardworking, trustworthy, very well educated and DEPENDABLE PROFESSIONAL. As such, I have an abundance of deeply heart felt compassion, true companionship, emotional and physical support to offer you or your loved one. I treat each and every patient like a member of my family. Regarding daily living, I assist with, or do on my own, anything the patient needs. Including, but not limited to; showering, bathing, sponge baths, grooming, assist with toileting, diaper changes, catheters, dressing, changing pads or bags ,laundering towels, clothing, bedding and folding them. Meal preparation, modified diets and hand feeding, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, established exercise routine assistance, all forms of patient transfer: including hoyer lifts, gait belt and transfer boards. light housework, laundry and moderate transportation. I am TB tested yearly and up to date on all my vaccinations. List of my most relevant certifications: HEALTHCARE PROVIDER BLS, CPR/AED, ASHA APPROVED CARE PROVIDER, MEDICATION MANAGEMENT, ADVANCED FIRST AID, WOUND/ PRESSURE SORE PREVENTION and CARE, BLOOD BOURNE PATHOGENS, F.A.S.T, RECOGNITION, ALZHEIMERS, DEMENTIA, SUNDOWNER SYNDROME and SENILITY. I am also a Licensed EMT II (Emergency Medical Technician), PHYSICAL THERAPIST. OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST with NEUROLOGICAL THERAPIES STUDIES IN ADVANCED EDUCATION (DEGREES I-VI) and RESPIRATORY DEVICES. FURTHERMORE, I HAVE OVER 40 ADDITIONAL ADVANCED CONTINUING EDUCATIONAL CERTIFICATIONS. ... more

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Healthcare Provider, Physical and Occupational Therapist

Home Assurity Healthcare

Apr 2019 - Present

Providing care, Detailed Documentation, Physical and Occupational Therapy regimen and Full Assist for bedridden 78 year old female after her 6th stroke. Initially, she required full assist with feeding, rotation every 2 hours, sponge baths, transfer to wheelchair using either hoyer lift or draw sheet. She presented with full left side arm, hand and leg contraction. Unable to exercise, I started with gentle massage then slow stretch ing and incorporated the use of arm and hand brace 3 times a day for 2 hours. In just under 6 months she has begun to feed herself all meals using a spoon or her fingers, using the right hand. She is able to grab her cup and take a drink when she is thirsty, very talkative, can sit at the edge of her bed for 20 minutes at a time, supporting herself with her right arm and core body strength! She never ceases to truly amaze and inspire me!! I am only working with her a couple hours a week, very flexible, providing therapy to supplement the therapists provided by her insurance. ... more


Live-In Healthcare Professional

Private Insurance Healthcare Provider

Feb 2018 - Mar 2019

Provided 24 hour care for one individual, including, but not limited to: planning and preparing three meals and two snacks daily, medication managment, daily showering, or when too ill, sponge baths, dressing, mobility assistance, feeding meals, assistance to bathroom, insertion of male catheters, established daily physical therapy routine and followed it, went for daily walks to get fresh air, change bed linens daily, laundry, swe eping, moping, dishes, organized all doctor visits, planned extracurricular activities such as day and evening fishing trips and provided constant companionship. ... more


In-Home Healthcare Provider

KindlyCare Client Betty M.

Apr 2015 - Jan 2018

Betty was a 87 y.o. Bed Bound , Dementia and Alzheimer's patient. Symptoms were worst during the transition from day to night (Sundower Syndrome) Initially, during this time, she would become very agitated, anxious, extremely confused as to the time and where she was. Her depression would become so severe she would cry uncontrollably and become incoherent. Her physical symptoms, right before the sun began to se t, were: lightly grinding her teeth, moving her mouth side to side and eyes wide and darting around the room. To try and minimize her symptoms, I began by turning on all the lights in her room, almost a full hour before sunset. Then I would close the blinds before the sun began to set. I would try to distract her by establishing a routine. Making her and I decaf coffee and a small snack, making her laugh and talking for hours. If that failed, I would sit right next to her, hold her hand and always tell her "You're a grown woman, you know how you feel. If you're sad it's o.k., I get sad too! So we're either gonna talk about why we're sad or talk until we figure it out!" And so we would! Once we incorporated nightly Physical Therapy exercises, within a few months she was sitting on the edge of the bed for 25-30 minutes at a time! Doing more and more repetitions of her exercises. An amazing testament to her willpower! ... more


Caregiver/Palliative Care/Physical Therapist

John Josephs

Feb 1999 - Mar 2015

Patient was a 65 y.o. bedridden Vietnam Vetran with 85% Muscle Atrophy, CHF, Cardiomyopathy, Cardiac Implants, Tachycardia, Atrial Fibrillation, PTSD, Sundowner Syndrome, a Tracheostomy and Passy-Muir Valve. He was being weaned off the last 30% of his ventilator and using the Passy-Muir Valve to breathe on his own, able to speak briefly for the first time in over 8 months and eating soft blue-dyed foods for the first time in over a year! I helped create a Palliative Care strategy to ensure his comfort at home, in familiar surroundings. In the hopes, that in combination with a regular routine, he would improve. My responsibilities included: Rotating him every 4 hours in bed, Wound/Pressure Sore Prevention and Care, Tracheostomy Care, Working nights to help wean him off the ventilator using the Passy-Muir Valve, Diaper Changing, Bathing, Head to Toe Grooming, Medication Management, Meal Preparation, Feeding, eventually we started Physical Therapy and within 2 years he was walking with no assistance, driving short distances and no longer showed signs of neurological issues. ... more


Home Health Aid and Physical Therapist

Martin "Luke" Morgan

Dec 2009 - Feb 2011

I was full-time Home Health Aid caring for a 60 y.o. female Sheri. She was recovering initially from back surgery. Unfortunately it went wrong and she had to have 3 additional surgeries within a year. This left her unable to move on her own. My job duries included: Complete Mobility Assistance, Transfer using Hoyer Lifts, Gait Belts and transfer boards, Sponge Baths then Shower Safety, Diaper Changes, External Female Catheter- Pure-Wick- Daily Disinfection of tubing and Collection Container, Monitor and Chart Fluid Intake/Output, Meal Preparation, Medication Management and Physical Therapy. Before they had to relocate to Nevada, she was able to move around the house with a seated walker. Use of a wheelchair was still required for any travel outside the home, however, she was able to bathe herself with stand by assistance, a shower bench, grab bars and slip resistant mats. She was also able to groom and dress herself. ... more


In-Home Healthcare Provider

Lucille Chalfa

Jun 2005 - Dec 2009

"Lu-Lu" was a 74 y.o. SEVERELY Insulin Dependent Diabetic, with Stage 3 Alzheimer's and End-Stage Renal Failure. My duties included: * Grocery shopping, miscellaneous errands and all meal preparation. * Insulin dosage measurements and administration up to 6 times daily (before and after each meal) * Transportation to/from dialysis 3-4 times weekly and sta ying with her to ease her anxiety, when it was allowed. * Prepared low sodium and heart healthy meals. Restricted fluid intake/ measured output. * Took Blood Sugar 6 times daily, Administered Insulin accordingly, Blood Pressure 3-5 times daily while keeping immaculate daily charting for her specialists, family and myself. * Checked legs daily for edema to better monitor her CHF progress * Treated her Cellulitis, skin tearing and bruising, photographed them all to show her Wound Care Specialist. * Daily Physical Therapy; ranging from lifting 2 lb weights while seated, to having her securely stand and sit 5-20 times. * Provided constant companionship and loving support ... more


In-Home Healthcare Provider/Palliative Care

Suzann Chalfa Union H.E.R.E 681

Feb 1999 - Jun 2005

Sue was a 56 y.o. Diabetic, with EXTREMELY High Blood Pressure (even medications were rarely helpful) and was also rapidly loosing vision in both eyes, due to Progressive Diabetic Neuropathy. She was declared legally blind within a year. I contacted and took seminars at the Braille Institute in Orange County, to help her with her ADL's, to get her books on tape, I also volunteered to read additional books to add to their library to get her a larger t.v. so she could watch movies she enjoyed. A year later she had the first of 4 Lower Lumbar surgeries that, combined with her lower extremity neuropathic damage, left her bed and recliner dependant. Only able to get around by use of wheelchair, gait belt, Hoyer Lifts, tranfer boards and a shower chair, I Handled all transfers. She was 5'3 240 pounds. High doses of pain medicine left her with renal issues like incontinence and later bowel issues. My daily duties included: Bathing, Grooming, Changing Diapers, Daily Monitoring for Pressure Sores, Medication Management, Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure taken 3-5 times daily, Prepared Meals, performed light housework, laundry, linen changing and Diligent Daily Charting. ... more

Certifications / Licenses

Home Health Aide (HHA)


Certified Medication Aide (CMA)


Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)


Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)


Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)


Home Care Aide (HCA)


Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)


American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Approved Care Provider (ASHA.org)

2001 - 2020


Passy-Muir Respiratory Therapy Seminar

PMV2000/ PMV2001 Models and New O2 Adapter

2018 - 2018


AARC University

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Certification

2015 - 2015


American Red Cross

Certified Nursing Assistant

2008 - 2010


California State University Fullerton

B.S. Kinesiology

2001 - 2005

Physical Therapy Assistant

2002 - 2005 Norwalk CA


Passy-Muir Valve and Tracheostomy Courses

Ventilators, Passy-Muir Valve Uses in Weaning, Speech and Eating

2002 - 2002


Long Beach City College

Emergency Medical Technician

2000 - 2001


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