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When I first meet my future client(s) and family we get to know each other quickly. I am a relaxed easy going person who likes to make the day fun and interesting but yet work productivly while serving your family member (s). Having to re-enter the workforce after raising three daughters and graduating from college led me on a search for a career that fed my soul while serving others. I became a caregiver because a friend at church suggested it and I found it was a perfect fit. What I like most about care giving is that it is multi- faceted work. It not just about the everyday tasks it's about relationships, relating, observing and thinking creatively as to how to meet a special need, hope or want. Its about bringing my whole self into another's life and finding out what they need and then working to make it happen. Recently I was able to take a mother (Alzheimer's) and son (physical disabilities) out to Walmart to do Christmas shopping. It was a great day. The son enjoyed the day and had a great sense of accomplishment and the mom had a chance to see her son realize a goal. They both thanked me in the car on the way home and were so happy. This gave me a great sense of accomplishment as neither if them wanted to venture out much for the first few months. Now, after a year with them we plan out the day and include at least one fun adventure each week. This expands their world, abilities and enhances their lives. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Skills & Certifications: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

I started as a caregiver when my father needed one (2016). I quickly discovered I was very good at all the different responsibilities and skills required. I dealt well with Kaiser doctors and eliminated more than 1/2 of their prescriptions, which were either duplications or unnecessary (as agreed by a med specialist @ Kaiser). I greatly enjoyed seeing my dad respond to my suggested few additional supplements and some mild exercises, which quickly returned him to his much improved condition of more than 10 years previous (he could walk easily, complete crossword puzzles and read books, remember and think more clearly - none of which he could do when I started - this took around 2 months). He died last year after his 95th birthday. I found another live-in caretaker job with a 79 year old guy with stage 4 prostate cancer and Parkinson's symptoms. He is adamant about not working with "Western" medicine. I have been helping him by designing and administering supplements while working with an acupuncturist and a Naturopathic doctor. We also interface with UCD Medical center for some testing and advice from their urology department. I am well versed in medical research and terminology, treatment, and testing. I am a computer professional of more than 40 years with associated technological skills and have a number of professional level skills including: most construction, gas engine mechanics (motorcycle, auto and larger, small engines too), home and yard maintenance, cooking, exercise for many levels and needs, ability to provide great ideas for fun and enjoyable activities and short trips (same day local) for interesting activities or events. I enjoy providing appreciated help to those in need - it gives me a personal sense of worth and good by helping others in need.

Skills & Certifications: Home Health Aide (HHA)