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I didn't always want to be in the medical field. As a child I dreamed of being an accountant. I went to school at first to learn the front in of a medical office to combine my accounting skills and quickly fell in love with Healthcare. I then ended up getting an associates degree as Medical Assistant. After I graduated in got to experience working as a medical assistant as well as caregiving. I quickly learned how much I love taking care of people and how rewarding caregivers is. It was not easy to quit as a medical assistant with the good pay but I was not happy. I quit as a medical assistant and never went back. I have since then been a full time caregiver and have worked many years in the hospitals but I found I am much happier doing in home care because I can focus more attention on 1 person rather than 12 + people. I am working on getting my HHA certification while I continue in school to become an RN. As a RN I want to continue in school so that I can do the same thing I'm doing now but as an RN and possibly work for Hospice. I would say what makes me a good caregiver is passion. This isn't a job for me this is my career and what makes me happy in life. I feel I was put on this earth to help others and make a difference it's one of the reasons I volunteer for Hospice. Nothing is more rewarding to me then helping those in need especially the elderly. If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask. I aim to please in everything I do so don't be afraid to ask me anything.