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Hello my name is Kentraya Calvin. What makes me a great caregiver is not just the 9 years of experience with Elderly Care I am certified First Aide& safety training/CPR, AED, and infant. I am hard working, a quick learner, I am patient, kind, caring, and I have a passion for working with Senior Citizens. I started volunteering to work with senior citizens at a very young age as a Los Robles Stepper. The age of 15 is when I really started to realize the passion in actually wanting to become a care provider. When my grandmother needed someone to help her after a really serious fall/stroke that caused her to lose her mobility she was afraid to get back up again. It really hurted me to my soul to see her down. I volunteered a while before I started to work for her and I loved it! I took care of my grandmother for 9years before she moved to permanent nursing facility. I love her so much I still go to visit her on a day to day basis she is a sweet heart. The thing that I enjoyed most was connecting, bonding, listening to her stories, taking her places, but most importantly making sure that she was well in health getting better feeling good about herself and feeling the love she deserve. I loved being able to make her laugh and smile it was so beautiful. You can see her full of life in her eyes, it brought joy to my heart each time. I believe everyone needs someone. To feel alone, to be alone, is the worse anyone can experience, I wouldn't wish it on an enemy. I am loving , caring ,