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Hi my name is Hilda. I am a dedicated caring wife and best friend of over 34 years and a mother of 11 wonderful children who 8 of them have grown up to be strong loving adults and my younger three athletic and very involved with sports and art. I have devoted my time on the care nurturing for my family as all mothers do but the past 4 years had an unfortunate turn of events. My husbands knee implant was a failed prosthetic and cause him to become extensively disabled. Since 2012, I gave all my time in my husbands personal care, medical appointments, medication assistance and appointment scheduling. Aside from the basic help, I stood by his side listening to his concerns of pain, his inability to provide as he used to and him feeling lonely and limited. It's one thing to be a wife but it's a whole new ability to have when you need to separate that relationship and be strong for your patient not your husband. This taught me to encourage him, give him small goals with doctors approval that he'd want to reach and also to help him to focus on positive from the experience and not negative setbacks but to hope and push for a brighter day coming. I wasn't prepared for this but I was trained well. My caregiving isn't a job to me, it's the opportunity given to me to help others to improve their lives and assist as much as I can to help ease the pain they suffer in their recovery period. No one expects these setbacks but it doesn't mean they have to deal with it alone, confused, scared or sad. I know this walk because I walked it with him Today after advocating and reaching all options available for his recovery and proper food choices my husband has lost substantial amount of weight and he is almost diabetic free, no more high blood pressure and walks and cares for himself independently. That's the purpose to give - great outcomes for the ill.
I have compassion love patient understanding and knowledge in the ability to do all things I'm from Miami Florida and all my life I watch my parents struggle and when one feels sick it costed a lot of hard shift so growing up I always told myself to be strong I run the organization call new-nigerian Alliance in Miami I'm a culture director I focus more on the city and social interactions my job is to help and find things that we can do to support our community is families that's a hard shift children's education in the elders as in giving back reaching out to them giving them a little time residents in the nursing home a living facility or in their home just to show we care I always going to person that care and love to help and also teach and just get everybody involved the show you that don't give up you have a voice I love church it's my passion to serve God fully God gave us the ability to do all things with power at dominion and Authority he said be a giver from your heart and whatever your heart desire I would give to you because he has a passion and you to do things to help others and not be selfish but to love that is who I am you can find me always smiling and always happy in everything I do that's that's my love and passionate for is the always help and be there and try and my children that always do the same you will never know that person you have to take you a long ways and that's the understanding I haven't talked over the years just by working with others that's my experience and that's who I am