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I have compassion love patient understanding and knowledge in the ability to do all things I'm from Miami Florida and all my life I watch my parents struggle and when one feels sick it costed a lot of hard shift so growing up I always told myself to be strong I run the organization call new-nigerian Alliance in Miami I'm a culture director I focus more on the city and social interactions my job is to help and find things that we can do to support our community is families that's a hard shift children's education in the elders as in giving back reaching out to them giving them a little time residents in the nursing home a living facility or in their home just to show we care I always going to person that care and love to help and also teach and just get everybody involved the show you that don't give up you have a voice I love church it's my passion to serve God fully God gave us the ability to do all things with power at dominion and Authority he said be a giver from your heart and whatever your heart desire I would give to you because he has a passion and you to do things to help others and not be selfish but to love that is who I am you can find me always smiling and always happy in everything I do that's that's my love and passionate for is the always help and be there and try and my children that always do the same you will never know that person you have to take you a long ways and that's the understanding I haven't talked over the years just by working with others that's my experience and that's who I am
Hello, My name is Adora P. I have been a CA since I was sixteen. I am now 29 years old. I Work For A Home Health Agency as a general contractor. I Go Into Two Local Hospitals and help there as a PCA on the ER, CCU, PSYC, and general admission floors. I enjoy taking care of elderly people and those that may just need a little extra support to get back on their feet. I enjoy Alztimers patients because this is disease is what made me fall in love with nursing and decide to continue towards my RN degree. I currently hold a Medication Administration and Pharmacy Technical license as well, in order to ensure safety for those that may need medication assistance. I enjoy the multitude of rewards given to me by being as CNA. Gifts ranging from a simple look around a house knowing I helped with dishes and laundry, to having a person who may have been upset or confused 5 minutes before remember my name, smile at me, or let me help tie their shoes. I am proud to say I have worked hoard to achieve the training I currently have, and enjoy continuing to work towards more, including solid Florida references. I love what I do, and i make it a point to always try and display ethically, morals, and pride in whatever capacity I can. I look for ways to speaking with you and hope that I can come and help. Feel free to email me at or text message at 319 329 7304. Please feel free to ask any questions about me or my background as well. I look forward to hearing from you