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What makes you a great caregiver? I'm a very kind and compassionate person, wanting to see people prosper in their everyday lives. I became a caregiver to invoke change. I love to see people progress where they where not before, and I come in and I'm able to help. I like being a caregiver - again, because I like to invoke change. I like to see people come from a very low place, to a place they thought they couldn't rebound from. Bottom line, I just love being able to a make a difference. What is a personal achievement you are proud of? There are many, however, this one comes rushing to the for front of my mind. I took care of this lady that had TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) When my boss at the time sent me to her home, I spoke w/her husband first. He went on to share w/me that she has slipped into a heavy depression and she just don't want to live anymore. He further went on to say that she had not walked in quite some time since the accident. Now fast forward, I'm speaking with her, she to said her family should have just let her die in the hospital. I shared with her that for the rest of the week we where going to do it her way, and come Monday, it was going to be a new way. To make a VERY LONG STORY SHORT, she began to do things my way. As I sit here (smiling while typing) she went back to the doctor, and he said WOW I have not seen you walk in a long time, she said "you can thank the WARDEN" and then she pointed at me. As I hurry to a close. I am not a cat person.