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I am a caregiver with more than 14 years of experience with seniors and people with special needs. I provide safe, respectful, loving, skilled care towards every one of my patients. I will deliver peace of mind to family members by keeping their loved ones safe while also protecting their independence and preserving their dignity. I give detailed information and pay close attention to my clients and to the families' needs. I have taken care of many people from family members, friends, and clients in facilities to group home members and privately cared for patients. Whatever the needs may be, I strive to go above and beyond my call of duty. Life is a treasure and if I can provide life or encouragement to anyone, or let them know that they are still loved and living with grace and dignity, I am that Angel. Many people lose their independence and feel lost. I can give clients, as well as their families, peace of mind knowing that things will work out fine. I have CPR/First Aid certification, Certified Home Health Aide, Certified Nurses Aide (CNA), Certified Medical Aide (CMA), am a residential counselor, provide individual service/support plans, behavior plans, & have experience with dysphasia, Alzheimer's & Dementia and much more. I have achieved more than 50 certificates and extensive training over the last decade. All families need a break from the worry and stress of caring for loved ones. Please call me to talk about what I can do for your family!
Hello, My name is Titilola from Seniors Helping Hands At Home LLC, I have been caring for the elderly ones in their homes, hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living for over 9 years now. I have worked with people with dementia/Alzheimer, and Parkinson concerns. I enjoy working with the Seniors, I have respect for them because they have labored in life, and it's time for them to be rewarded. Being a parent myself, i know how far my children can go in order to make me comfortable. The request i always make from my clients is to tell me what they want for their loved ones, and that's what i have been doing. My clients appreciate my job so much. Below is the review of one of my client's family member. More references are available upon request. I am CPR certified, registered as a non medical caregiver with the State of Maryland, a non smoker, and also registered as a Home Health Aide with the American Caregivers Association. Thank you, Titilola P. SENIORS HELPING HANDS AT HOME LLC Nov 13, 2017 Jean F. Hired Titilola Titi provided care for my elderly mother for over a year. My mother has severe dementia and Titi's calm personality and gentle manner worked very well in this situation. She prepared meals, did laundry and light housekeeping and helped with my mother's personal care. She did a good job of "tuning in" to my mother's moods and gave her ample quiet time when she needed it. Titi was competent without being overbearing. I would recommend her as a care giver for elderly people. Titilola P. Replied Nov 14, 2017 Thanks Jean