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I feel that I am a great caregiver because I enjoy helping people with there everyday needs; such as dressing, toileting, appointment reminders, medication reminders, serving meals, feeding, laundry, transporting, and anything else that the client would need assistance with. I enjoy assisting people to live a better life; such as helping a client to live as comfortable as possible, and as independently as possible. I am a patient, quiet, shy, reliable person. I am also a focused person, and I take the position being a caregiver seriously because, I strive and work hard to be an over achiever. The thing that I liked about being a caregiver was that; I was a companion for a couple in Shaker Heights Ohio for three years. The wife had Multiple Sclerosis. I would take care of the wife while the husband was away from home. I assisted her with her medications; by making sure that she had taken her meds for the afternoon and evening. I didn't have to worry about the mornings because her home health aides had taken care of it. Furthermore, I made sure that she was comfortable in bed because she was bedridden, also I would give her the remote to the T.V. or the radio so that she could change the station. I didn't have to do any cooking because the meals came delivered to the couple's house prepared and ready to serve. The couple had home health aides that came to the home in the mornings everyday so I didn't have to serve the wife breakfast; but I did serve her lunch and dinner or anything else that she had wanted to eat such as dessert, or a snack. What I enjoy most about being a caregiver is, that can work with all kinds of patients with different nationalities, and backgrounds. I like learning about different beliefs, religions, culture, etc. A personal achievement that I am most proud of is that would be my education. I am studying healthcare administration. The degree that I am seeking is a doctorate.