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Im retired from nursing and am a natural caregiver, its not a job, more of a priviledge and delight. Many times im the only person the client sees for days.Im tasked with the job of giving,helping,laughing,conversing,reading,manicures, combed out hair, warm food on the on and so forth. Im a lady of faith,not an overzealous bible thumper. GOD commands us to be good to our fellow man,how easy is that to follow when youre a caregiver? Doesnt get any better than that. Even my worst days are good.Im proud or maybe happy i pursued art in many varied mediums except oils. Im self taught but wanted to be an "artist" before i knew what artists did.Married 24yrs, raised 4 outstanding sons when my husband decided one day he wanted a divorce.Very dark times were ahead for me.doing great finally,am happy, peaceful, surrounding myself with joy and laughter. Doing what i love which ihelping "my people" (clients).I take my job as being Very important, a chance to be a blessing to one in need, in return,i just am lucky to be able to help. Its my pleasure. I love even the most difficult of clients. I live w my puppy in apt xs 5yrs. Am established.stable, professional, own nice car,good driving record, no history w the police. Im allergic to drama so i dont partake.Presently i work part time w healthcare agency. Im sure my boss wouldnt have a problem recommending me to you.I have repeatedly submitted to and passed all background checks. Have submitted to random drug testing on the job