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Growing up I was around seniors quite often because my mother worked in nursing homes and other senior facilities. Out of 4 daughters in our family, I was always the one who wanted to tag along, go visit and even help out when I was allowed. Taking care of elders is not considered just a job to me but a pleasure. It is my pleasure to help those who are unable to help or care for themselves like they may have done before. It is my pleasure to give back to those who have given to us. I feel very comfortable around older adults. I get along with nearly everyone. Being very humble about compliments, I've been told that my personality is genuine and fun ... along with very caring, loving and compassionate. Going the extra mile is something natural for me. I do it without noticing. It is my daily prayer to help make a difference in someone's life. I take pride in the work that I do. If I don't know something I always ask. If there is overtime to be done I will do it without question. One personal achievement I am most proud of is gaining the trust of a troubled elder that was once mistreated by family members. I was able to show this elder that it's ok to need and accept help from another and get great results. I took care of my mother many years before she passed and I'd give anything to do it again. I learned many wonderful things from her. It's not that I want to walk in her shoes ... but I don't want to lose my way either.