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What makes me a great caregiver, is that I have Empathy and compassion. I have the desire to want to help. I also show the person that I am caring for, that they are genuinely cared for, and that I want to do whatever I can to help them. I have patience and I am understanding. To better understand your client it helps to sometimes put yourself in the other person’s shoes and see what it might be like to ask people for help. It may be hard for them to have to ask strangers to help around with things they were always able to do for themselves, and it may frustrate the client. And when that happens it's always important to never take it personal because they do not mean the harm. I am reliable, when I say I would do something I would do it. I am also trustworthy, I understand that most clients that need assistance are in a vulnerable position, they invite you into their home to be near their vulnerables, and as well as in keeping the clients personal information confidential. Being a caregiver to me means giving someone hope, and showing them love and compassion. It's good to know the feeling of someone appreciating your time and effort, and trusting you to care for them. Building relationships and being able to learn about someone has always excited me. My best achievements were helping special need children/Adults learn to write/Spell their names. I've help to build low self esteem with my clients, and always made sure they knew they had a friend in me.