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1. I have always enjoyed working with people. Healthcare is a forever growing field with many satisfactions by helping others; live life to greater potentials, restore health in times of need, aid in ADLs for better quality of life, and so many more fulfilling reasons whether by educating, assisting, or actively caring for others. 2. There is always something more to learn! The experience is very rewarding when you see the gratitude coming from those that are unable to do for themselves, even when helping with the smallest of things. 3. A personal achievement that I am proud of is continuing my education within healthcare. Having a family and working while trying to improve myself (through education) and the life of my family is very difficult at times but teaches my children to persevere, strengthens me personally, and teaches my family that work together during tough times only strengthens our bond as a family team! 4. I always seem to do things the difficult way, like going back to school 10 years after graduating and after starting a family (3 kids and spouse), but I am not one to quit or give up easily. I don't care to settle when I can improve. I want my kids to learn from my mistakes and be inspired by my achievements. Family is everything and I enjoy being a part of the lives of those I care for...they are like extended family. I truly believe in God, Karma, and the Love of Family.

Skills & Certifications: Certified Nursing Assistant