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My name is La'Trorian Kaylin Dixon, I'm 21 years old. I became a care provider when I was 18 years old because I loved to help other on a more personal level rather than in a physical workplace. I am very educated on laws, rules, regulations, and procedures dealing with the sick and elderly. Every month I do MRC's to stay educated.The reason I chose this route is because in the workplace the patients don't get the time or companionship that they deserve and the time it takes for nurses and aids to get to them its either too late or the patients aren't happy yet they still have a job to do, so I started off on my path to care providing. Here I can show compassion, love, understanding, and vulnerability to show and relate to the people I help, alongside the families that have so much to dal with and no-one to share with. I was a privileged child so I didn't have many problems personally, but witnessed a lot of hurt and pain and even myself going through trials and tribulations throughout life, yet it made me stronger and want to strive for difference in someone else life. I've had elder family members, broken bones, cancer, STD's, etc. in my family and around me so healthcare and the wellbeing of others have always stood out for me as an individual and there's nothing greater then seeing a change you made in a persons life. This is an addition to why I want to go to school and study Neuropsychology and minor in Physical Therapy. My personal achievements I am most proud of are: I completed 4 months physical therapy training, completing a whole year of healthcare studies hands on, also becoming employee of the month. Hopefully the achievements get greater. I am of the Christian community