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I became a caregiver because, I am a people person and enjoy helping others. I also enjoy making a difference in other people lives, also I love the difference and impact they make on me. I have a soft spot for the elderly disabled and those in need. There is a certain satisfaction in knowing you do all that it take make sure my patient has a smile on their face, and the loved ones as well. Making sure all the needs are met for all those under my care. I enjoy being a caregiver, I don't see my client as clients. but seek their trust, friendship and most of all companionship. Achievements: My personal achievements that bring me the most pride is making sure that I keep the client as well as their loved ones happy with my work. I have previously succeeded in earning the client and their loved ones that are in the best possible care. I have proven this to myself by the consistent request by family and loved ones for my service to be the only one on my shift for that client. About myself I am 28 I had my first job as a caregiver at 17. I have 4 years experience with the I.H.S.S. program and 1 year in a assisted living facility, Sierra Manor which specialized in Alzheimer and Dementia patients. Within a short time I was promoted to a Med Tech, a position in which I totally fell in love with. I am also a hard working mother of 3 one of which has Autism, which has been a huge blessing in my life to get to be her mother and to get to work with her and my other 2 children. I a
I have been in the medical field since 1992 I worked with many clients in hospitals Care homes to private hey and their homes. I have work with dementia and Alzheimer's patience to quadriplegics I have done all hands on by working side-by-side with r ends I have worked with hospice doing comfort measures to just being a companion while working in their homes caring for a client I am experienced in many different things when it comes to taking care of someone it's what I'm best at I know a lot to experience I work with clients who are knee and hip replacements helping with range of motion and therapy I'm very patient and I love to take care of those who can't care for themselves it's my passion to show love where it's needed I work with patients with Parkinsons and many other medical conditions. in 1992 is when I got in the medical field my grandmother went into a care home and I have to say that she probably would have lived if they didn't treat her the way that they said they didn't have any patience with her that confined her to her bed they stop feeding her just to see my grandmother who is my everything pass away I told myself that I'm going to be in the medical field and care for people's families the way that I wanted someone to care for my grandmother like around that mother was my everything and I miss her to this day. and I promise you if you hire me I will love and care for your family member as if they were my own thank you for reading my short bio. I'm available to work any days but hoping I can have Sunday off for church there is no job description and I am uncomfortable with when I comes to the medical field I'm able to do whatever is needed to give the best care possible.