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Hello! My name is Havana and I have been a certified nursing assistant for a little over a year now. My Great Grandmother told me that at the age of two, I would help my Great Grandfather around the house by wheeling is IV pole behind him and sorting his pills out for the week. I believe this is when the "caregiving" seed was planted in my heart. From then, I always told family members that I wanted to be a doctor. As a child, all I knew was that doctors helped people, and that was what I wanted to do. Flash forward a little over a decade and I find myself working a retail job. Completely unsatisfied with the work I was doing and how little impact I was making, I decided it was time for a change. Thinking back to my roots as a child, my first instinct was to find a nursing assistant class where I could quickly join the healthcare field. So I did! After I received my certification I began working at a nursing home where I absolutely fell in love with healthcare. Never had I felt so involved and never had I felt myself having such a positive impact on other peoples lives. Not only could I provide assistance with activities of daily living, but I was able to provide strong companionship. I decided then I was going to become a nurse to have a greater scope of practice in resident and patient lives, so I joined a community college. Soon after, I joined Goshen Health (where I still am employed) to learn and grow in that setting so I was prepared once I graduated. Working in a hospital has groomed my nursing assistant capabilities immensely but I have missed the strong relationships I made in the nursing home. That's what brings me to home health care! One-on-one care has always appealed to me because of the positive impact you can make on someone's life, and that's what attracts me most to being a caregiver. As a caregiver, I can describe myself as compassionate, attentive, patient, trustworthy, and dependable. I feel as if this is truly one of my purposes in life!