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1.I became a caregiver, because at the time I had a close relative who needed care and I took the responsibility to care for them after school and it became second nature to me. I then realized that i enjoyed helping those in need and whose who could not help themselves, it make me feel important and it is a good feeling to know that someone trusts you to make them feel better and make life easy for them. 2. As mentioned before, I enjoy feeling important in someones life that they trust me to make their life easier and I enjoy knowing that I am trusted to take on such a huge responsibility. 3. I am most proud of the fact I came to this country at 17 all the way from South Africa and made a life for myself, I have built strong relationships with people, and I have learnt from others and most importantly learnt to become a responsible and respectable member of society. I taught myself to become a care giver without any form of training and over the years as my experience grew, I decided I wanted to really care others and now I am pursuing a career in Nursing. 4. I speak 6 Southern African Languages and currently learning American Sign Language to make that 7 in total, I am currently a Nursing student at West Coast University and I am looking to be a Caregiver as well because it is something I truly enjoy doing. I have 7 years experience working with the elderly in their homes also in several elderly care facilities and I personally enjoy working one on one, because I fully fo