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I have always had a passion for helping people. I always knew I wanted to be a health care provider. I received my CNA license at the age of 17. I took time away from the field to raise my 3 children while they were very young, however. It was very important to me to be able to be with them full time. Especially as my middle child was born with a severe disability. So I postponed my career goals at least until all were school age. Upon caring for my mother this past year as she battled terminal lung and brain cancer. I became overwhelmingly inspired to return to nursing. She was admitted to a Hospice facility with \"days\" to live. It was the experience together at this facility I became very inspired seeing the level of care my mother was able to receive in her last days. I was also highly appreciative for the care they staff, and facility gave to my entire family during the darkest days my family had ever experienced. They answered all our questions honestly while maintaining professionalism, but doing it in a way that was comforting and empathetic. My mother was able to pass after 4 days with dignity, and reasonably pain free. They were respectful after her passing and let us take all the time we'd like, and handled my mother with utmost respect cleaning her, and preparing her for the funeral home. They even provided some grief counseling for me about a month later. It was a life changing experience being a part of her final moments, but the caregiver in me couldn't stop thinking about how appreciative I was to this staff. In such a heartbreaking situation was this ray of light calling me back to health care. I wanted to show others, and their families the kind of complete care I was given. I wanted to make a difference and help best I can other families in similar situations get through it a best as can be possible.
I became a caregiver because when I was in my early teens my grandmother suffered 2 severe strokes leaving her entire left-side of her body paralyzed. for the first year and a half i volunteered to take care of her bathing her, transferring her in a hoyer lift with the assistance of family members later on in my teen years when i was old enough i took on trainings and volunteered at L & M Hospital in New London, transporting patients. Therefore from me doing the care for my grandmother made me realize how great it would be for me to pursue a career in healthcare. Helping other families like my own. I enjoy making family's feel confident that their loved ones are being taken care of in the best quality of love and care. One of my favorite things I've experienced in being a CNA is when i sit down and talk to my elders. Hearing how they feel and ensuring them that i am someone they can count on. Working in different medical environments, Fast- paced or even slow paced i have always had Elders as well as their family members acknowledging how different i am and how grateful they are to have me. Also the fact that people see the hard work and effort you put in to make people happy, Which is a great feeling being appreciated. A personal achievement that i am proud of is earning my CNA certification. I feel that was one of the greatest things i have done. Currently i am a student at Three Rivers Community College, Continuing my healthcare career journey in changing lives.

Skills & Certifications: Certified Nursing Assistant