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Hello my name is Ihilani ( E-He-La-knee) I started my caregiving career with my grandmother at the age of 10 when I went to live with her, after her hip surgery. That is when I knew that being with people during their most vulnerable time was a ministry and not just a job. I believe that no matter what age or stage in your life we can all need help and more important a sense of protection during these times. Mind Body and Soul all need to be nurtured when we are going through health issues. and it brings me great joy to know that I able to help others when they are experiencing medical, mental or soul pain or just a helping hand making sure that the quality of life that a person lives is safe and secure no matter what stage of life they are in. While working with a nursing home... My new patient, would not let me touch him. I couldn't take vitals, bathing was out of the question, he was just mad at the world and I understood. I noticed my new patient had extreme dry mouth and was very dehydrated. I asked, "What is your favorite drink?" He replied,I love orange juice and I have not had any in 4 years. "What???" I look at my new patient and said I will be right back. I returned to the room in about 5minutes and my patient says well this is a first. I asked What is a first? He replies back "That you came back" I look at him and smiled, Sir you do not scare me with a giggle and I have something for you I believe you will love.He looks at me, smirks what could you possibly have for me? walking towards him holding a half gallon jug of orange juice with a straw saying " Your favorite drink Sir." My new patient looks at me saying, I will let you take care of me. Remembering this story makes me tear up. We had a great friendship that only lasted for 6months before he passed, but we laughed, he taught me things and encouraged me in my life's journey and while I only had 6 months with him, when I think of why I love what I do I think about him