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Let me introduce my self my name is Brandi Ahlstrom I am 36 with no kids yet and never been married. I have been in heath care for over 14 years. I have an extreme passion for caring for others. I have been responsible for assisting clients with mental or physical health problems. My job includes assisting them to walk and helping them out as they exercise. I play a big role in the industry of health care. I always wanted to be a nurse my whole life however I went to CNA school in 2004 and worked in nursing home facilities. I recently just went back to school to become a RN. I was my grandma's head caregiver for 9 years she had MS and Dementia she was bedridden up until she passed away, I loved taking care of Her it was the most rewarding experience I have ever had. I have a gift of taking good care of your loved ones. I am a very lovable person and handle elderly people well,they are my favorite. Duties The tasks of a caregiver are immense. I normally work in patients' homes and assist them with almost every task. I ensure that my patients take their medications and get the proper care and nutrition daily. I am responsible for planning and preparing meals of patients, running errands such as buying groceries, and ensuring all the food my patients consume are fresh and clean. I handle all the housekeeping tasks. That include doing the laundry, making beds, dusting, keeping a calendar of appointments and organizing mail. I also take care of their medical appointments, trips to salons and or to religious activities. I also join in their activities like playing board games or watching films. Besides the physical help. I provide my patients with emotional support and motivation. I am very sweet and easy to talk to so I make a great companion to them as well.