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I am all the things you would want in a caregiver with 10 plus years of experience. I am patient, caring, helpful and happy. The reason I decided to be a caregiver was because of the experience I had taking care of my father when he had ALS, Dementia, Alzheimer's and Diabetes. Taking care of him for two years gave me a new insight on elder care. I learned how to help my father when he was having difficulty. I tried to help him work through his fears. I made his surroundings comfortable so that he could get through the day easily. I am always looking at the positive instead of the negative. After taking care of my father I realized I would enjoy this career for the rest of my life, so I became a caregiver. I enjoy seeing people having independence; having me as their guide to get them through a difficult task. One of my personal achievements that I have experienced would have to be seeing one of my seniors get up and walk by themselves after six months of physical therapy. Before they were able to walk, I would have to hold them and guide them with a walker to their designated destination. Seeing them recapture their mobility was the greatest achievement that I have ever witnessed and was very proud to be part of that. I will always ask you if you want to do something special because this experience is all about YOU. I have twenty years experience in this field. I had the pleasure of helping my father when he was having problems with dementia. I have learned a lot. I was attracted to being a caregiver after taking care of my father. It was easy for me. I felt I was helping people who couldn't figure it out. My satisfaction in this field is to know I've helped someone who appreciated my input and allowed me to make their day easier. I am always proud that I make people feel loved and special. My greatest words from you are, "Thank you, see you tomorrow."

Skills & Certifications: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)