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I've been a caregiver for over 16 years now, and I love it, it has become my passion because I see so many of our elders who are not with loved ones to give them the motivation or the drive to keep going or to let them know that there's still hope. I became a caregiver when I first met my father in law in a nursing home and I told my husband that we needed to get him out of there as soon as possible because of the unlawful treatment we've encountered upon when we visited him. We then took on the responsibility of caring for him, and a few years later becoming foster parents for a family of four (my nieces and nephews) but the youngest child (boy) was sent away because his behaviors were more severe than his siblings at the time when my sister (their mom) passed away in 07; leaving us with no recognition of the children's poor behaviors and backgrounds, so I had to figure this all out on my own... how to care for my father in law and how to take care of 3 more children besides our 2 with different behaviors and backgrounds? But I pulled through it and made it happen. I graduated at the top of my classes with my Associates Degree and Bachelor's Degree In Human Services Management. And on top of all this, I was diagnosed with Severe Anxiety and Depression in 2006 after receiving custody of the children on top of losing my brother in 2001 from heart disease and my mom in 2004 from diabetes. Then in 2017, we received custody for the last child (my nephew). I didn't realize how strong of a WOMAN I was until I was able to take care of everyone in our household, make sure they graduated from high school, and I graduated from college at the tender age of 42, but Life Doesn't Stop Until You Let It And The Only Failure Is Failure Itself!