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Ijust have a passion for taking care of those that need care, I took care of my Grandfather for 13 months while he was in a Nursing facility. I did everything for him, I bathed him, dressed him, groomed him, feed him, I did his laundry, etc. I took care of him as if he was still at home. I even made pop up visits through out the night and early mornings to make sure he was not being neglected. Its because of the love and care that I had for my grandfather, that pushed me into the nursing field. I learned so much from taking care of him, that I diddecided to attend school and further my education in health care. I recieved my medical assisting certification thriugh Olympia Career in May of 2004, I then recieved of other certifications like Home Health, and I recieved my Associates in Heath Adminstration from the University of Phoenix. I have a few more classes to complete before I recieve my Bachelor's. I just enjoy taking care of those that need some or alot of care. I currently take care of my 84 years old Mother, as well as my cousins 74 years old GrandMother. Just seeing the smile on their faces after they recieve care brings so much joy to my heart. I continued my education in Healthcare because of my Grandfather, he gave me the motivation I needed to continue with my education. I saw so much that went on in the nursing facility where my Grand father was, it pushed me to try and do something about it. Everytime I take care of someone, it reminds me of my Grandfather and t