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My passion for healthcare began about the age of five. For many years my dream career was to become a doctor. As I aged and researched into a career as a doctor, I realized that medical school was far too expensive for my financial situation. Regardless, of this financial set back, I knew that healthcare was the career field I wanted to pursue. I have always had a caring, loving, nurturing, helpful, compassionate, caregiver disposition and character. The greatest personal reward for me is the joy I feel at the end of each day knowing I have done something to make someones day happier, healthier, and more productive. I find joy in seeing others happy, healthy, and successful. I think everyone, regardless of life daily hurdles or set-backs, should always have someone in their life that helps them to see their full potential and encourages them to become as successful at whatever it is they want to accomplish in their life. Nothing is impossible, and everyone has their own personal level of successes. I am an extremely experienced and educated healthcare worker and I am a amazing caregiver because I truly love the profession and care for the people I working for. I have been working in healthcare off and on from the age of 18, over the past 22 years. I have a AAS degree in medical administration and Certifications for CNA, PCA, CPR, BLS, Passed the HHA exam through my current job at Nightingale Home Health Care, and multiple years experience working in home health care. I am a

Skills & Certifications: Certified Nursing Assistant, CPR Adult/Child/Infant , Passed HHA exam through current employment at Nightingale Home health care