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Caregiving with a Servant Heart: Impact... 21 years in management and leadership position representing agencies/companies within the private sector as well as county, state and federal agencies. Passionate in advocacy opportunities for diverse and vulnerable populations raising awareness and funding for supportive and safety net services within the Community and Political arena. Supervise, coach and manage over 200 employees. Plan and facilitate regular staff meetings. Provide oversight and assist with volunteer's management and training services. Work in collaboration with Human Services Department to implement social services wrap around program for diverse and vulnerable population. Plan and execute annual cultural competencies, diversity awareness event and trainings for 13 buildings to facilitate community development and clients' empowerment. Oversight of the Criminal Justice Imitative Co-Star program with Plymouth Housing Group. Ongoing collaboration with stakeholders including mental health agencies, multi county jail systems, municipal and superior court systems, and City Council and other ancillary service providers. Development, implementation, coordination and management of residential facilities, waiver, Medicaid, housings for people with Intellectual Disabilities, Chemical Dependencies implementing Housing First, Harm Reduction living environments for men and women. Case Management services with diverse populations: Intellectual disabilities, homeless, mentally ill, substance abusers, disabled, elderly and those within the criminal justice system. Program oversight of local and state funding. Hire, train and supervise; Case Managers, residential counselors. Work in liaison with Pierce/King /Thurston County, Seattle Housing Authority, Veterans Affairs and other Human Services Government Program. Utilization of engagement and counseling practices including but not limited to Motivational Interviewing, Trauma Informed Care, and Multi-Systemic Treatment.
I became a caregiver because it honestly is the way that I was raised. I have been a younger and an older sister my entire life! Taking care of people and helping to better a persons daily life is a big part of mine and something i enjoy very much! Being able to help to improve someone's attitude, demeanour, mood, outlook, health status, situations and just overall to help to positively impact ones day is what I live for! Quite a few years ago I was in a horribly fatal car accident. I bought a brand new car a few weeks before and one night, my younger sister, a friend and I all got into the car and headed to the store! A drunk driver ran us off of the road and into the woods. My sister was killed instantly, our friend was thrown from the car and went into a few weeks long coma with some brain trauma and I, went into a coma for a couple of months, while on life support for majority of the coma, often having to resuscitate me. The doctors prognosis wasn't a good one with the severity of my injuries. I had to fight with all my heart and all that I am! Now, I've made it back! Now I am able to live again! With all of my pride, i am someone who can truly say that I fought hard enough that it brought me back to life! The right side of my brain is dead, along with all nerve endings in the front half of my brain. I lost a good portion of my memory and still have problems with my short term memory often I also suffer from on set brain seizures which are nothing short of paralyzing w