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I am interested in Care Giving, with any age group. My first job was in Santa Fe at 4 Seasons, I was a nurses aid at 16 yrs old, I fed elders, bathed them, changed their diapers, changed sheets, & would engage in talking to them, & help feed 2 or 3 people during feedings. I moved to CA in 1989, & worked for a Private Company, and took care of 6 Alzheimers people, 3 female & 3 Males. I was their for 3 days, 72 hours & off for 4 days...I would help dress them, cook thier meals, shower as needed, shave the men as needed. Make their beds. It was located in a residentuial setting. This population , had no sense of time, so I had to check on them frequently, so they didnt get up during the nite & get dressed. They were all very sweet, and would bable to eachother, in a beautiful conversation. Really enjoyed working with them. I moved to Sacramento CA, and worked at the Short Center,for 2 years as a Teachers Aid. The school was an Art School for Disabled Adults ranging from 18-75 yrs old, with many different Disabilities, including : Cerebalpulsy , Blindness, Parkensons, ADHD, MS, Brain Disorders. My duties included, feeding students, assisting with Art projects ( Painting , Photography, Sewing, Music, Ceramics ) I was also teaching them how to take the Puplic Bus & Spend Money ( Assisted Living ). In 2004, I moved to Taos & took care of my uncle for 4 years until he had to be sent to a senior living residence. I woul cook, clean, shop & take him to doctor appointments I really enjoy working with Elders & the Disabled Population. It takes a person, that enjoys working with them, having patience, and is able to help improve their health, lifestyle, & keep them occupied with activities they enjoy.