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I became a caregiver because I love people and I feel people should have the best quality of life in there time of need. I love to help people learn new ways of taking care of themselves so they can have the best quality of life during there illness. I love the smiles I get when I arrive to start my job , I teach and clients teach me its a fabulous feeling. I made one fabulous achievement about a year ago and I will never forget it. I started to take care of a client when the client had one amputation , it was sad but we continued to do lots of stuff I had to give encouragement everyday , Then one day the client had to have the other leg removed. At this time the client was so depressed everyday was a struggle but I told the client we can still do what we did before its just going to take a little longer the clients response was," I want to go to Kohl's shopping". I said okay we can do that let me plan it out. Guess what the client went shopping at Kohl's and went to lunch, Where there is a will there is a way. I will never forget that one month later the client passed a way but the client got the shopping trip that was thought to never happen. People told me that I would not be able to do this with this client when I did they said I was one of a kind. I said no I am not I accomplished another good deed for a wonderful person. I have worked as a nursing assistant for 15 years. I have worked for nursing homes , Hospice , and acute care for Margaretville Hospital. I am CPR cert

Skills & Certifications: Nurse Aide Certification Program