Lamesha T.

$11.00 / hr

i became a care giver because my grand mother needed help running a hospice i was just 16 yrs old not certificated or nothing . at 1st it felt weird because i had no clue as to what i was doing in this filed of work. weeks passed and i became to love the job i was doing i gotten close to the elder people and started to feel like this was something i wanted to peruse as a full time career. as of 2015 i went to hha training school and got my cerfection and now i am looking for work. i like many things about being a care giver i like helping the elder but only helping them with what they can not do for there self . my job is to assist not strip them of the little bit of mobility they still have left in them. i like helping them get there daily activity in and playing bingo with them treating them as family wise even thou there are not. my personal achievement that i would be proud of would be getting my own at such a young age . getting certificated as a home health aid and moving on with my life from the past to the present. my name is lamesha Taylor and i am 21 yrs old, i have a one year old daughter named savanna in my spear time i like to sew, listen to music , take longs walks out side , read , write poetry , and so much more , i been in this filed since i was 16 yrs old. i taken care of people in hospice , to my mother when she gotten sick and so on , i do my job and i do it well . i am bi lingual in spanish and i am learing french in the process my career goal is to b ... more