Adina A.

$20.00 / hr

Good evening, my name is Adina Anglade. I am married and have two children both of them are in College. First of all I didnt become a caregiver I was born to be a caregiver and I love being a caregiver! Obviously the greatest pat of , is the difference, when you can make others feel they are in a good hands even if they have some types of inability but they are consider equal to everyone. I love to make people understand even though they have physical or mental problems they are still human as long as they are living and they need to be treated equally as everyone else. They need to be loved and ca red for. Second of all, I am a graduated practical nurse Unfortunately I didn't passe the board yet but I have been working in the field for many years and my patients have never got disappointed.Moreove,what people love the most about is my attitudes,I m honest , loving,caring ,I am some body people can trust glass I'll till ... more