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Well HELLLLLLO my name's brandon!! I recently moved here from the state of Maine about a year ago! I moved here to go to college and I currently attend UCO online. I want to earn a bachelors degree in special education or something related to working with special needs. The reason behind it all is because of my brother carlos. My brother and I were adopted when we were 5 and 7, He was born with stage two assburgers and stage one down syndrome so ive been helping him through school, getting him involved in Special Olympics (LISBON!), helping him open up and make friends, all the way to getting him comfortable enough to speak his mind! Being raised in a new home with a new family with 7 kids was a new experiencewith... THATS FOR SURE!!! But it was because of his dedication to being just a normal guy like everyone around him that made me really think. For someone like Carlos to stand up and be heard in the ways he was percieving it to be was SOOOO PHENOMINAL!!! In fact it was SOOOO HEART WARMING that sparked my fire of ambition to want to be actually happy in the future. And their is nothing better then leaving late nights knowing that I got to be the positive part of someones day. That is my goal for the future. To help people. To be the positive outlook in someone elses life, and build hope. Carlos has helped me become the young ambitious compassionate man I am today. So I want my life to be something he can be proud of one day.
I am 46 years old. I grew up in a small town called Longville, LA. I went to school my entire childhood at Singer,LA. My dad was the head basketball coach at Singer. My father retired when I was a sophmore in highschool and accepted a job working for the government and went overseas to teach United States military children. He was stationed at Comiso Italy airforce base for 3 years and then transferred to Naval Station Rota Spain. I moved there with him at 19 years old. I went took college classes on base at night there and began working at the school as a bus and playground monitor. I wound up meeting a spanish man and having ny 4 children and raising them there. I moved back to Louisiana after divorcing my then husband in July 2010. I ran into my childhood sweetheart at one of our baseball coaches funeral in 2015 and we fell madly in love. We are still together and we moved to Oklahoma City 2.5 months ago. My husband is a driller for the oilfield. I have my 4 children, he has 2 children, all grown. We have 5 grandbabies. We only get to enjoy one of them that live here. He is almost 8 months old. I have worked in many different fields in my life, but caring for an elderly patient has always been the one job that fullfilled me in life. I love it! My husband is gone 14 days out of the month and I would really love to give my time to helping a good family care for their loved one. I know and understand how challenging it can be at times to try doing it all on your own. I would love to meet and talk in person face to face. Thank you!