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After many long years of working directly with people in diverse professional settings back then in the day ;when I was used to be a certified nurse assistance CNA from state of California, where I had gained all the experienced dealing & taken care of all types of geriatric residents in the nursing homes of settings & Private home care . Therefore here are the top 5 lists I always have ; 1. Excellent verbal & written communication ; strong communication skill in order to communicate effectively with doctors & nurses. 2. Empathy & compassion ; vital qualities that are extension of interpersonal skills when working with senior residents . 3. Ability to follow set rules and protocols 4. Time management & organizational skills often work with limited supervision ; file paperwork & report in timely manner. 5. Astute observation skills ; which is observing residents day to day physical & mental health at all the times . Fully strong sense of awareness in the client's environment to ensure safety. The only thing that I really enjoy being a care giver are I have a great compassion , pleasant with very positive of attitudes ,very caring person and I really like to help others. Enclosed my resume which further my skills experience , would be more than happy to come by to introduce myself and I am willing to help make you comfortable , tthank you for your time and consideration and hopping to hear you soon .

Skills & Certifications: Home Care Aide (HCA)