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I became a caregiver because the profession I wanted to become is to be a nurse. I am a great caregiver because I am a compassionate and kind person. I give my more than 100 % excellent care with my clients and they can feel my sincerity and warmth caring for them. Their family have assurance that their loved one's are in good hands when they leave. Working in a hospital setting with different culture diversity, I have learned to know what they need and respect their culture. The patients that I have taken care of loved me for they know that once I am on duty they know that they would be happy and satisfied with their care. I learned how to handle different temperament of elderlies, some are difficult but with good communication skills and explaining to them that the care I am giving them is for their own good and to get a positive result. Being recognized and commended by my co-workers, superiors and families of my patients of how great I worked is rewarding that motivates me more to deliver excellence of what I do. I was awarded as employee of the month in our unit. I am a very caring person and can easily get along with co-workers, patients and their families. Hardworking individual and can get the task done in a timely manner with positive result. Positive attitude and excellent communication skills, very good in following instructions and delivers excellent service.

Skills & Certifications: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

I became a care giver to my father who had a stroke. I continued working with them as they aged. My father was a amputee and had allot of health complications due to diabetes. My Mother had dementia. I feel that helping others is rewarding and it gives me satisfaction to know what I due makes a difference. I am proud of my commitment to my family and work and my volunteer work. I am 46 and married and have four grown children and three grandchildren. In my work experience through the years I have done a wide spectrum of different things. I spent many years working in offices doing secretarial work. I spent my youth working as a vet tech. That was very rewarding as I am a huge animal lover. Before doing homecare, I worked for nine years at my children's Christian school as a childcare worker and supervisor for the before and after school program. This was very rewarding as I was able to spend time with my children and also interact with their peers and teachers. Since it was Christian based school I also had the benefits of having Christian coworkers, which was a personal growth opportunity for me. In my time as healthcare worker I have learned about a wide range of things that I feel would have taken many years of school to achieve. I have experience with dementia care, wound care, IV therapy, physical therapy, colostomy care, catheter care, Hoyer lift abilities, I have worked with bed bound people and wheelchair bound people and the legally blind. I have also worked and
I am a mother of four lovely girls. Ages 17,15, 13 and 7 years old. I graduated as Bachelor Nutrition and Dietetics 1996 and been Registered Dietetians in the Philippines now I am studying Nutrition here in CA to pursue my career for as Registered Dietitian CA for my success is my kids success to help them and inspire them..I will work since 2004 as Caregiver and until now....I love working as a caregiver and be able to help our seniors for they like my extended family for i am been orphans since i was 16 yrs. old so happy to be able to help and by caring with sencerity the family became like my extended family... because Ilost my parents early my children longing grand parents.... me and my husband lost our parents early... My husband lost his mom at age 12 and me i lost my dad i was only 4 years old and my mom at 16 years old so my patients become my extended family to me.... all of my patients even they die now all of there family been my extended family still have a communications with them... so I am a compassionate and loving person so glad to help who needs my help... i love to be your extended family with Tender Loving Care whenever i work with my patients! As pursuing my education and working also with kids part time job as Instructional Assistant for more than five years at Oak Grove School District.... so I can say I love kids and senior too! I am a trust worthy, reliable and loving with compassionate heart whoever need my assistance kindly call me asap! God Bless!Thank you whoever reading this....

Skills & Certifications: Certified Medication Aide (CMA), Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Home Health Aide (HHA)