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I possess compassion. I promote comfort quality care. I have a high standard of medical ethics. My focus is the patient, My patients have a voice, a right their privacy, rights to be treated with the respect and dignity, the have a voice and I listen to them. I am a patient advocate . My patients are allowed to express their voice, opinions, their wants, their needs, their thoughts , their goals, and their dreams. Diploma Certificate Vocational Nurse Program , California State 2012. I have active Washington State licensure endorsement . I have current active CPR, BLS, AED, Healthcare Provider Certification in state of Washington I feel that what makes me a great care giver is tbe ability to communicate well with the patients & families wants and needs. * I promote patient have active participation in their plan of care to ensure they gain optimal functional independence of their every daily living skills. Experience in teaching safe transfers to bed from bedside ,getting in and out if showers. * I promote patient teaching and education in order to provide my patient with the highest level . * My Motto\\"\\"Exercise The Mind & The Heart! Laughter Is Good For The Soul!\\" \\"Life Is Way Too Short, To Sweat The Small Stuff!\\" Qualities, My Charater, Who I Am? * I am culturally diversed. I am positive. I am career driven. I am outgoing. I love to learn. I have a love 4 people. \\"I am Genuine, Honest As You Will Get\\" I have a special place in my heart for hospice patients. I workex in Hospice Care for approximately 5 years. As well as volunteered in Hospice for 5 yrs. the \\"You Light Up My Life \\"at Christmas. \\"To Remember Those That Have Lost Their Lives In The Previous Year.\\" \\"By the way, Do You Know How Many Facial Muscles That It Takes To Make A Smile???\\" ***It Takes A 101 Facial Muscles*** *Have A Wonderful Day And Evening.
I had to take care of my own parents when they both required extensive home care due to Alzheimers and learned then how vital it is to fully understand these afflications and how to deal with them for the best quality of life and dignity and comfort of those elderly. I enjoy interacting with those that have lived long and interesting lives and I recognize the need to return the help and care to them after they have spent a lifetime helping others. I especially enjoy interacting with the family of those elders that I care for and providing appropriate assistance to them also in regards dealing with their elderly relatives and the end of life situations that occur. I have personally dealt with over 15 hospice situations and made the end of life transition smooth and dignified and compassionate for all involved. I have found that through improving the quality and enjoyment of daily life for elderly that they simply do better and enjoy living. No matter what the circumstances, and no matter how far gone they are, they still respond to care and love and appropriate attention and return such in whatever way they are still able to. I spent most of my life working in construction in all trades and all levels up to Management and Supervision. I retired from that sort of physical activity due to some aggravated injuries and found that there is a vast need for compassionate and understanding care and assistance needed for elderly. Since I am not so far removed from the elderl

Skills & Certifications: Home Care Aide (HCA), Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Nursing Assistant Registered (NAR)

I am compassionate at heart and have natural passion to care for aging seniors and those that are physically, emotionally and mentally challenged. It is my great pleasure to see, especially seniors, age with smooth independence, dignity and peace . I believe Carelinx is best media for me to get best opportunities for my heart-desires. Apparently, while growing up as a teenager, in my parents's home, and living with a very ill grandmother, I had no choice but naturally gained a caring-heart, as well as gathered some kind of nursing-discipline, just to help my very sickly grandmother with chores of companionship, some activities of daily-living like bathing, safety-precautions while walking around the house and out in the yard, when my parents were busy with their corporate jobs. Personally, I am kind, patient, reliable, skilled for my job and professional. Having acquired 18 years nursing experience working as a Certified Nurse Assistant/Caregiver, I have worked in a Nursing Home setting, Assisted Living Facility, as well as a Home Health agency, and have the following Certificates: High School Diploma Certified Nurse Assistant Certificate Nurse Delegation Certificate 2017-12 hrs of Continued Education Credits CPR/First Aid Certificate Infection Control Certificate Completed 7-hours HIV/Aids education Clean Chest X-ray record Two-forms of ID identification Valid Drivers Licence Valid auto Insurance

Skills & Certifications: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)