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1.) I became a caregiver because at a young age my grandmother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. I watched her battle through and eventually she lost the war. On top of the cancer my nana also had a brain tumor, epilepsy, and high blood pressure that needed to be monitored daily. Helping her through her battle and watching her go through her ups and downs gave me the drive I needed to pursue a career in the health field. 2.) What I like mainly about being a caregiver is being able to help others and having success stories. Being able to help others and seeing them be happy even if its for a short period of time makes it well worth it. 3.) A personal achievement that i am proud of is applying and being accepted into a Medical Assistant program. I am proud that not only did I finish the program but i graduated with honors. 4.) Something about myself: I love what I do. The career that I have chosen for myself fulfills me in ways that are indescribable. I love people, I love being able to strike up a conversation about anything to anyone. I am a very family oriented person, my mom has 2 other sisters and my father is 1 of 10 children so family is very important to me. I am the oldest of 3 and have a half sister that is 4. My youngest brother also just had a baby so I have a 9 month old nephew that I couldn't picture life without. I set goals for myself and try my hardest to fulfill the goals i set, whether they're daily, weekly, monthly or yearly goals i try
I would be a great caregiver because I am empathetic, patient and great at getting a long with all people of all ages. I am attracted to being a caregiver as I am hoping to feel fulfillment in helping others. I would enjoy the fact that I am helping another person who is in need of my assistance. My personal achievement I am most proud of is that I am a mother of a intelligent, loving, kind 9 year-old son. I have a hard-working, supportive, loving husband of 12 years, who I have supported to get to where he is as a full-time Dental Assistant. I have worked with children in the school district, and I have my ALT4 for teaching HEALTH and Family & Consumer Science (passed the teaching praxis flying colors!! 99% on my Math!). I love my family. I love my two cats. I love art & music. I honestly love helping others (I used to manage the Clinique Counter in Concord for 3 years, I am not into sales and I left it to teach for a bit and spend time with my family- retail hours are horrible, I miss my clients most of all- helping them see the beauty in themselves as well as helping enhance it by playing with skincare and makeup. I also was honored by ELLE magazine in 2012 for my contribution to the beauty industry and was called "Concord's Confidence Maker" as it went on to explain how much I care for my clients and they appreciate me- this was something written by my Clinique Manager, I did not even know I was nominated until I read it!) I love education and helping others. I also volunteer at the Capitol Center of the Arts so I enjoy volunteering my time for the arts and working with my retired, older friends.