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I decided to become a caregiver because I have a love for taking care of others. I helped my sister take care of both my mom and dad when they became elderly. I never wanted my parents to be placed in a nursing facility. I had worked in a nursing home and I knew that sometimes residents were neglected and not treated with the respect they deserve. Taking care of my parents was one of my greatest joys. I enjoyed helping them with everyday activity living and taking care of them. I feel that taking care of others is my calling. Taking care of others has always made me feel like I was doing something with substance. I feel a great happiness when I give service to someone in need. My heart is filled with so much joy as I provide care and companionship to the person I am providing service for. One achievement I have made that I am most proud of is being the first person in my family to go to college and pursue a degree in nursing. A degree which I will complete in the next year. I am a very compassionate person. I care about others and I believe in treating people the way I want to be treated. I know that one day I will grow old and maybe need assistance as my mom and dad did. When I provide service I think about my parents and how I would like a caregiver to have treated them. I am a person who is honest, and will do whatever I can to make sure the person I am caring for receives outstanding service and that I never do anything to take away their dignity. I learned from caring