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I have been a caregiver all my life. It is rewarding but has its challenges and opportunities. I am 56 years old but I am in good health and I have cared for my parents and my spouses parents also I have cared for my spouse. These things include tuberculosis coughing, my dad but he passed away from a blood clot passing through his leg,my mother had cancer, my father in law had dementia and alzheimer's and parkinson, my step dad was burned and I cared for him with 3rd degree burn but I did not change his bandages, schizophrenia was what my mother in law had and my spouse had colon leakage and had a colostomy which I helped care for him until it was reversed he was diagnosed with diverticular The parents have passed which I was the primary care provider. I started getting paid when my girlfriend ask me to care for one of her patients because her and her mother had something they had to do one weekend and I got paid for it and I have been doing it ever since. I have had great satisfaction in the result of my experiences in taking care of the persons that were trusted in my care. I have sit and watched an IV drip and make sure the patient was comfortable. I have cared for a man that his wife needed a break for the weekend so she could get some rest. I have taken care of a comatose patient so the mother could go get her hair done. I have achieved and I am proud of me because I am a caregiver and I have love and compassion for people.