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My caregiving started with my elderly parents who spent six months a year with me in Tucson. My mother had been diagnosed with dementia. They spent eleven winters with me and the summers near my brothers in Minnesota. Seven years ago a close friend asked me to be with her father while she was at work. He also had dementia and could no longer be at home alone at all. His daughters working schedule was ten to fourteen hour days four days each week. I would go to her home before she left for work. I would administer his medications, fix his meals, shower with him (I was in shorts and a tee shirt) shave and supervise teeth brushing and dressing. Some days I would take him to a day program for a few hours and then bring him to my home until his daughter picked him up when she was done working. As he declined I needed to be with him every minute to keep him from wandering off or going to the bathroom in the proper place, etc. I took care of him for over four years. My most recent care experience was with an elderly couple. I had been referred to their daughter by a mutual friend. Her mother had been diagnosed with dementia and the family wanted to keep their parents in their own home as long as possible. Their Mother had been ill and had lost a great deal of weight. I really needed to concentrate on how to get her to eat. I won by serving healthy, attractive meals and distracting her with conversation while she ate. She gained twenty pounds in two years.