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In my experience, I have learned that caregiving for a loved one is no easy task for the family. My purpose is to help others in their time of need and to truly make a difference. My initial desire to serve as a caregiver stemmed from caring for my own mother during her time of need. This desire soon solidified and transformed into my aspiration to pursue caregiving professionally. I learned that caregiving involves so much more than standing by one's side and holding their hand. It requires competence, respect, advocacy, patience & attention to detail. Needless to say, it is so much more than just a job for me; it is a chance to become part of a team dedicated to meeting the needs of the client. For me, what is most rewarding is developing a relationship with a client on a one-to-one basis and within the comforts of their home. In addition, I have learned that the client is not the only individual in need of caregiving, but also his/her family and I am first and foremost a guest in their home. During my training as a CNA I had perfect attendance. I am also a Certified Pharmacy Technician. This strong work ethic is of utmost importance to me, because I know that my client counts on me to be consistent and reliable at all times. Attention to detail and ongoing monitoring of treatment adherence is also so critical to my role. Finally, when appropriate, I do my best to embed and incorporate a sense of humor in the work I do. This is because laughter really sometimes is the best medicine. I love nothing more than seeing a smile spread across my client's face. I vow to be one who can laugh at myself and who will laugh with you and your family. I also vow to be someone who will offer kindness, comfort and solace during the harder times. Bringing this kind of compassionate care into your home to enhance your quality of life is my passion, purpose and ultimate objective.
My name is Leontine Lanza. I' m Certified Nurse Assistant and Home Health Aid. 8 years years of experience in Home Assistant Living make me ready to go forward. The families of the people I cared , still around and are all my second family. I love taking care of people who need the most someone who is understanding the importance of the situation they are going trough. People used to call me an Angel.Some of them always remember me how I made their loved ones leaving this life with dignity. Who ever people are and what ever happened to the people I have to taking care,my compassion,my patience and my ability to be disponible to do my job,still the same day after day. Nothing is very important to me that the person who is my client or my patient gives me the most beautiful smile as soon as I get in the room .Nothing can make me feel so helpful to others and being appreciate for what I m doing.This is the goal I always expecting from them,a welcome into their life. I don't forget the pets .They have their part too. Pets never lie. If they love you in the first day,you can be sure that their owners will acting the same. They are my best friends.They are the first to run when I come for visiting. I love what I'm doing. Sharing my experiences by providing some release to the people who need the most a little help and energy to fight for their life. This is my goal and this is what I always do. I'm not a lazy ,grooming,doing grocery, bathing,driving around, or