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Hello my name is Lynnett I am 32 years old and I have been working in some kind of caregiving big chunks of my life. When I was a teenager I would babysit family and people around my neighborhood, as I became an adult I worked as a nanny/assistant teacher at a Montessori school for two years . I worked with children who had autism as well as other behaviors. For the past five years I've been working in caregiving I enjoy working with the elderly very much. I've worked in facilities like Memory Care, skilled nursing as well as just Assisted Living. I enjoy working with the elderly a lot I was very close to my grandmother as a little girl and when I was 18 she passed away, but before she passed away I took care of her in her own home and that is kind of what got me into this field. I also worked as a cook for 5 years in an Italian restaurant and I only quit when the restaurant itself closed. I am a fast learner I enjoy challenges as well as new experiences. I am very compassionate, patient as well as nurturing. I know that I would be welcomed into your own personal home and therefore I am a guest as well as an employee so whatever rules or needs that your loved one has I am willing to abide by those. I know everybody has their own ways of doing things and I don't want to take control away from your family member I want them to know that I am only there to assist them and whatever they want me to do for them. I would love to assist you in anything that you need.
Hello my name is Christina i am 26 years old i was a caregiver for almost 2 years. I became a caregiver in a small establishment here in my home town of Hatch N.M. i felt i was led to this job not knowing i would learn the importance of becoming a caregiver. I learned that being a caregiver comes with alot of responsabilites and amazing rewards being the one person our residents loved ones could trust and be at piece knowing that their love one would be in great hands especially for those who can't so it themselves for different reasons. I worked night shift and some days when needed I can say it was hard but because i loved what i did so to me it wasn't a job but an amazing oppurtunity to have a career in being able to be the caregiver for my resdients from the minute i walked into their lives but best psrt when they walked into mine.. I had different residents with completely different personalities all special in their own way. As i had great amazing memories i had sad ones where i had to say good bye to 4 of my residents as in to being next to them on their last breathe and it was the hardest part as a caregiver but with all of the good and the sad experiences i had being a caregiver at Jim wood home i love my job because i was able to be the one to care for my residents. Each one has a huge impact in my life even the ones who beat me up in my eyes was tough love . Everything I did working at Jim wood home was cooking, cleaning, hygiene, passing medicine and in some cases holding their hands and letting them know i was there in there last moments its a tuff job but the most rewarding one i have had the privelage to have. One personal achievement I can say I'm proud of the most is being a single mother to my mom and as tuff as some situations get i never stopped and never will stop fighting for my daughter Autumn is an amazing little girl who i love dearly and she has been my biggest achievement in life itself.