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Personally I became a caregiver on the simple fact that I want to treat people the way I want to be treated if something should happened to me where I can no longer care for myself. I started working in a rest home for society's "unwanted angels" at the age of 18. Many of these people were either physically or mentally challenged in some way and they never had visitors. The staff treated these people horribly by shutting off the heat at night, beating them, and letting them lie in their own feces for hours. I complained to the board of health and this place was shut down soon after. I continued to work third shift in a better nursing home and went to work at Fair Haven Rest Home at the age of twenty five. I got out of the medical field for awhile and picked it up again at the age of 43 at Serenity Home which is a 20 bed facility for the mentally ill. I did med passes and took blood pressures and blood sugar readings and tended to the clients. That was my favorite job that I had ever had in my life. I would have stayed but unfortunately there was a very large turnover and everyone was laid off, including my boss who had worked there for 14 years. I then was hired shortly after by a reputable company named Home Instead. I was a traveling home health aid when unfortunately i injured my arm on the job and it took seven months to heal. Now I am ready to back into the PCA/ Home Health Aid field but I don't wish to travel. I prefer to take care of one person or work in just one f