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I have become a care giver because of my need to give back. My mother died of cancer when i was seven months old and my grand mother took care of me till my father remarried when I was six years old. She was very affectionate and loving towards me and I have always been fond of older people since. Back home in Sierra Leone I was the grand son who always visited the older family members and did all the chores they could no longer handle. Such as fetch water for their baths, clean their commodes,do their laundry, when i was old enough, help them cook or cook for them. Thus they always helped me out with pocket money. Mostly I like the feeling at the end of the day of having made someone more comfortable and feeling that old age is not a curse. I leave them with the feeling that there is still someone the can trust. I leave them with a smile on there face. It is a good feeling on my part to think that I am dependable even around the less palatable tasks. A personal achievement I am proud off is taking nursing classes at 53 years old and passing the NCLEX boards on the first attempt. I am 53 years old but look and feel like I am 36 years old. I love to dance, cook, clean, jog, ride my bikes and my motor cycle. I also love gardening. I am married with two daughters 22 and 17 respectively. My older daughter graduated from Temple university in in Philadelphia and now works and lives on her own. my younger daughter is in her senior year in high school.