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My personality traits: Empathy and compassionate. Working with people in a home care setting, I help clients meet their goals and expectations they want from a caregiver. Being Patient, As a caregiver I'm very patient and understanding to my clients and family. I take my time to give them an instructions about a task we need to do together as a team. Trustworthy, being a caregiver, I'm very trustworthy to your clients and that of the client family. A good caregiver is someone who is trustworthy in this regard as well as being trusted with and keep clients information confidential. Reliable: I'm very reliable in my job and I know it my full responsibility to take care of my clients as well as the activity of my clients. My client realia on me, I do my possible best to make sure they are satisfied and happy with the job I performed. What attracts me to be a good caregiver is that I've passion for what I do, and I love it, that's why I've been in this field for 6 years now with no complain on my job. What I enjoy most about being a care giver is being empathic, compassionate, reliable and trustworthy about what I do and making sure my clients are happy with the kind of care I provided for them. My number one priority is to meet the goals and expectations of my clients and going above and beyond for them always. My personal achievement I'm proud of being a high school graduate and a Medical Assistant and currently in school to become a R.N nurse.
I am a retired Nursing Assistant with over seventeen years of experience in the Healthcare Field and I have my Medication Technician Certificate. I have a good attitude and wonderful work ethic and can keep things running smoothly. Employing someone who is always willing to put in the extra effort, can make all the difference in the world. I have extensive experience in the healthcare field at hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and home care settings as well as Mother and Baby, OBGYN, Pediatrics, Med-Surg, ICU, Telemetry, Shock Trauma, Phyc, Escorting clients to and from Dr. appointments, running errands, lite housekeeping, medication remindedr, taking vital signs and reporting any deviations to the nurse and working with patients that have Alzheimer's , Dementia and Stroke's. I also have nineteen years of raising a child with physical and developmental delays; I have in-depth knowledge of Customer Service, Patient Safety, Infection Control practices and ability to use computers. I am a person that can work well for consecutive hours with little or no supervision and still get the job done right. I have experience working in a busy medical environment where every situation required immediate attention. I quickly learned how to handle various medical situations professionally and efficiently using my own knowledge and any available resources. Working as a compassionate healthcare provider has been one of the best accomplishments that I have done in life yet far. I have met so many people that has influenced my life in one way or another and I am a people person and love to be there to do something that will change someone else's life.