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20yrs as a Medical Assistant I have grown and learned so much about myself. Right out of school from Ross Medical I went into UofM cancer center. I floated from clinic to clinic. In the cancer center while they would recieve their chemo treatments is where I had an opportunity to get to know the patience. I could help by listening to them. Sometimes that's all they wanted. Having extreme patience, understanding, and empathy are major tools in this field I believe. Floating to different fields I've learned which field I wanted to be in. I went in an altimerz home. Each home had its level of severity of the disease. The section with the most challenges was my fit. Some couldn't speak. I wanted to find a way to understand what they want. After time and patience I'd succeed. That madw my lifetime.Then I found an add for home care. Went to my first client I knew where my place was. From there I went to work for myself. Now he didn't have altimerz but a stroke. I was there introduced to physical therapy. I worked side by side with the physical therapist and the therapist that works with stroke patience brain and how it works connecting their thoughts to the rest of their body. It was like I was in school again but better. That's where I learned extreme patience. Increased my empathy and understanding. I see a man that has altimerz and bound to the wheel chair. He can still transfer by standing and turning. His wife was starting to have a real hard time transferring him. He wasn't standing all they way. Especially in the car. Alot outside to get distracted by. His wife and I just worked on our patience and pray he pulls up. One day, after trying and watching different ways, I mentioned he was hot. I told him if he stands up to get in car he'd cool off. He moved so fast we couldn't believe it. That technique that has been working. A reward or promise of something better. It makes my heart sing to make a connection.