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From 2010 to 2015 I was caregiver to my father who was diagnosed with Dementia as well as Diabetes 2. While most people would understand this to be a "daughter's duty" it was much more than that. In taking care of my father, I realized just how much more care, compassion & physical help an elderly person needs. While my father could remember "days past" his memory was very short term & he eventually could no longer read nor write. While he still could dress himself & bathe, he could no longer prepare food nor clean his apartment. My father was happiest in front of a television with someone to wait on him. While his demeanor was mostly calm, from time to time I did have to deal with verbal outbursts & bouts of rage. I realized this was my father lashing out at his situation but I also realized that if I had not been available, there might have been a lot more damage to his dwelling or to other persons in his building. At the end, my father developed "sundowning" & was eventually hospitalized. While waiting for a nursing home vacancy to open up, my father passed. After my father had gone, I became more aware of just how important caregiving really is. I seemed to have become more aware of other elderly people & how they would cope as they aged. Everywhere I went I found myself going out of my way to help an elderly person in need. Pushing a wheelchair, talking, holding their hand, helping them get somewhere, it was as if I had found a new meaning in life. I am a highly intelligent individual, a problem solver & a person who doesn't need to be told twice about how to do something. I am a hard worker-I can cook, prepare meals, clean, can talk a blue streak or just sit & watch TV with someone. I can drive, can lift a heavy load & am a good entertainer. I am good in emergencies & can think a problem through to its remedy. Most importantly, I can communicate with the family with regard to the person being cared for.